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The following are a list of firework links and references:

FireOne FireOne
FireOne™ is the world's most advanced digital fireworks firing system and choreography system.

NFA National Fireworks Association
The National Fireworks Association is an organization composed of individuals and companies dedicated to the safe use of fireworks.

PA Pyro Pennsylvania Pyrotechnic Artists

The Pyro Artists is a non-profit organization that provides its members a means to use and enjoy fireworks legally and safely, to share their experience and further their pyrotechnic knowledge. We are a small, personable group, with most of our members living in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. We welcome anyone who is interested in promoting and practicing the responsible use and enjoyment of the various forms of the pyrotechnic arts.

PGI Pyrotechnics Guild International
The Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc., founded in 1969, is an independent worldwide nonprofit organization of amateur and professional fireworks enthusiasts.