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What sets Bixler Pyrotechnics apart from the rest?  


We utilize computer software to design each show prior to arriving at the site. Before we step foot on your site we know exactly what is going to happen and when. This also allows us to fire a show which could not be possible with flare hand lighting due to precision. We can fire multiple shells at one time to complete an array of aerial designs. This technique is virtually impossible with hand firing.



What happens if the weather is bad?  


When discussing the event with Bixler Pyrotechnics, we will establish a rain date if the sponsor requests one. There are certain terms associated with when the sponsor decides to cancel the show and move it to the rain date based on work completed the initial day.


What type of firework displays do you offer?


Bixler Pyrotechnics offers two different types of shows. The first is the traditional show which is a show not set to any kind of music. This show is totally independent and does not rely on anything else to be fired. The second type of show is a pyromusical which is a firework show synchronized to music. The sponsor may pick the music or Bixler Pyrotechnics will use their expert opinions on what songs will fit the best to fireworks. 



How much does a firework show cost?  


The minimum show cost is $3,000. This includes the design of the show, the setup and all the material. The actual show cost will depend on such things as shell size, distance to the audience, show type (traditional or pyromusical) and duration to name a few. A pyromusical will be approximately one and a half times more in cost due to the greatly increased design time. We can design any show around any budget as long as it meets the minimum requirement.



What is required for a fireworks display?


There are a number of things required to legally discharge professional fireworks in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The lead pyrotechnician must possess a federal permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) and also a permit from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Most of the time the AHJ is your local municipal board. The AHJ requires insurance the majority of the time and you also need Department of Transportation (DOT) Insurance.  


How big of an area do I need for a display?


According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), they require a minimum distance of 70 feet per inch of shell being discharged. Most shows include up to a minimum of 4" shells which would require an area of 280'. Nothing can exist or reside within that area including people, buildings, cars, etc.  



Are Permits Required?  


Most municipalities do require a permit to have a fireworks display in Pennsylvania.  Bixler Pyrotechnics will work with the sponsor in obtaining one for the day of your event. A majority of the time the AHJ will require the local fire company to be present before issuing a permit. All costs associated with the fire company are up to the sponsor.

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